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Terms of Usage

By viewing, using or interacting with Scotts Bluff County Scanner or any of it's agents or investigators, you are agreeing to our Terms of Usage.



We established our official Terms of Usage on March 1, 2018 for Scotts Bluff County Scanner, also known as SBCS at our first official organizational meeting. We feel that our policies are very straightforward and are based on common sense and decency.  Since these new Terms of Usage came into effect in 2018, you may find posts prior to March 1, 2018 that are not in accordance with our news terms. We encourage you to privately contact us to make us aware, so that we may then take appropriate action on the old post.  We try hard to avoid any posts that are inappropriate or slanted in either direction politically, or otherwise divisive in nature.

Our Rights

As the owners and administrators of Scotts Bluff County Scanner, we reserve the right to remove any visitor post to the page or comment that we deem inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, comments that appear bullying in nature, contain inappropriate language, are blatantly disrespectful toward an individual or a group, are racist, attacking or threatening.

SBCS reserves the right to "ban" anyone from our page for any reason, usually after review by at least two SBCS Board Officers.

Policy on Banned Users

If you have found yourself in the odd predicament of being banned from the SBCS facebook page, there is a way to possibly regain access. The SBCS Board of Directors is willing to review your case. Applicants will submit a written statement explaining why they believed they were banned, an apology for the action that resulted in the ban and a pledge to play nice.  The SBCS Board Officers will make the final decision and take appropriate action.

Posts You Don't Like

If you see any particular post you don't like because you disagree with it or in the reason why we posted it, you do not have to unfollow our page (or get banned for an inappropriate comment). Simply click on the little arrow in the top right of the post and click on "turn off notifications". That way you will not be bothered with updates from that post.  If you do not like us in general or just want to be critical of HOW we manage our page, then we suggest you do unfollow. This is not a popularity or beauty contest, and we are all volunteers with real jobs in the real world.

Public Safety and Crime Scene Integrity

The safety of our officers, first responders and the general public is a top priority at SBCS, especially during an active scene. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE everyone to AVOID the scene, but IF you do find yourself at one, ALWAYS respect and obey the perimeter officers on duty.  You will learn more by staying home and simply listening to the scanner and following our news feeds. SBCS has a team of editors that are updating constantly, sometimes before other media sources in the area. Solving crimes and reconstructing accident scenes require the gathering of much evidence so crime scene integrity is a high priority.


Community Involvement and Awareness

We believe the power of knowledge and community awareness is in the people of the community. We believe in a concept called Crowdsourcing. It's the people in the Community getting involved to make a difference.  We all know that those who pledge to Protect and Serve us are underpaid, understaffed and under appreciated and lately, under attack! We want to help.  We back the blue and we encourage the community to be involved in a way that discourages crime, helps those who are struggling and cooperates with law enforcement.

To get notifications on a post, do not use a period(.) to follow a post. To get notifications on a post, simply click the arrow in the top right corner of the post and then click "get notifications for this post".

Policy on Victim's Names and Other Sensitive Information

Our policy on Victim's names is to NEVER post anything heard over the scanner or social media. We do NOT post patient information on accident posts. First Responders and Dispatchers are NOT allowed to give names over the open broadcast channels, anyway. If we have a story on someone, it's because we have contacted the family directly and made absolute sure that we have their approval to post their name(s) or any other information. Our service contains a serious human element and we pledge to be compassionate and respectful.

We do allow family members to post updates on victims of accidents and/or their name and victims may post updates on themselves. SBCS reserves the right to hide or delete any comment that might infringe on a Victim or family's privacy, whether it be untimely or just inappropriate.

Policy on Photos

Please do not post crime or accident scene photos to our page. You may send them by messaging the page, using the Send Message button.

Posting Severe Weather photos to our page as a visitor or as a post is allowed unless other inappropriate.

Use caution while driving at all times, obeying local and state laws. We do NOT encourage taking photos while driving unless a hands free device or mount is used.

Policy on Fundraisers

Please do not post fundraisers or requests for fundraisers to our page. You may send them by messaging the page, using the Send Message button. We will discuss it and take appropriate action.

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