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Our Team of Volunteers

The community should be very proud of the team of volunteers that the Scotts Bluff County Scanner has assembled. We are celebrating our 10th year online with the support of more than 6,000 Facebook followers and more than a dozen scanner admins dedicated to making our service more valuable to the community we serve.

Our current team of volunteers include;

Brandon Ritterbush, Field Administrator (co-owner)
Brian Hale, Chief Editor (co-owner)

Primary Duties by Volunteer

Jeri Johnson, Assistant to the Editor
Andi Hale, Assistant to the Editor
Shannon Marshall, Research Department

Joann Paramo, Police & Crime
Mariah Brady, Police & Crime

Brandon Ritterbush, Fire & Rescue
Carissa Smith, Fire & Rescue - FF Ministry
Jerry Numon, Search & Rescue

Stacey Cleays, Severe Weather 

Bobbie Braddock, Missing Persons
Melissa Aquilar, Missing Persons

Josh Vesper, Community Watchdog

Brian Hale, Website Engineer
Tyler Weinrich, Scanner Engineer
Dru Majors, Sound Engineer

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