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Saturday, March 17, 2018


by Brian Hale, SCANNER NEWS

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner has an ever-expanding team of volunteers that brings a wide variety of impressive experience and passion for helping others in the community.

In the process of the phenomenal growth in popularity of our cutting-edge service, coupled with our foundational desire for accountability, as owners, Brandon Ritterbush and I quickly realized that setting up a Board of Directors would be the business-prudent thing to do.

We are very proud to introduce the inaugural SBCS Board of Directors for 2018;

Carissa Smith
Josh Vesper
Mariah Brady
Bobbie Braddock
Joann Paramo
Melissa Aguilar
Andi Hale
Shannon Marshall
Dru Majors
Sandy Long

Brian Hale - Executive Officer
Brandon Ritterbush - President
Stacey Cleays - Vice President
Jeri Johnson - Secretary/Treasurer

SBCS Board Officers : Terms are one year, with 3 consecutive terms in that position, with at least one year absence from that position to be nominated again for potentially 3 more terms. Members may accept a different position for one year, then return if nominated and desired.

General Board Members :  There are 11 General Board Members. As long as you want to volunteer and are not overwhelmed, there are no term limits, however each election year is open to new candidates, so your re-election to the Board is not automatic.

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