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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Our Missing Persons Division

by Brian Hale, SCANNER NEWS

The impact of our focus on Amber Alerts and Missing Persons cases has not gone unnoticed. Our team of dedicated volunteers at Scotts Bluff County Scanner have helped in the search and/or return of several runaways and other missing persons over the past year. We felt it was important to partner with Amber Alert and NMEMC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) to get their updates immediately so that we can pass them along to the community.

When we first looked into broadcasting the police scanner feed, we believed that most people would listen to the scanner and follow our Facebook page because of the coverage we provide on Police and Crime. Indeed, there is a real interest in finding out who's in trouble for what. Many of you may enjoy watching LivePD or COPS episodes, like we some of us do. That's not because we are criminals.  It's not because we want to go stick our noses in someone else's trouble.  We provide our service free of charge to the community because we care about people.

However, we did NOT realize how much impact we have in helping locate runaways and missing children and adults, and in praying for and consoling the family during the search process. After helping bring a couple of these runaways home, we realized how helpful the scanner project is to the community. We are humbled by the family members appreciation for what we do to help and we are very thankful to the members in our community for the help they give us. It's the people who have the power to get the information out there quickest.

If you would like to join Team Scanner, we have several fantastic people to work with in our Missing Persons Division headed up by Bobbie Braddock and Melissa Aguilar. Simply contact us in a variety of ways through social media or our website, or just email

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