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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Our Focus on Police & Crime

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about listening to a police scanner radio?

> Police and Crime
> Fire and Rescue
> Severe Weather
> Missing Persons
> Safety and Awareness

If you picked Police and Crime, then you'll like our coverage of this type of news.

We do much more than just share someone else's news, as some might think.

Not only do we share all relavent crime and police related stories, but in some permissible instances, we also provide current crime alerts before the story even breaks.

The scanner stream we provide is a Breaking News source that is sometimes used by others. We love it. We are all working together to inform the community and it does not matter who gets it first. Accuracy is more important than speed, everytime, in our book.

We also provide follow-up on certain crime stories, so that our readers get more than the standard press release.

We tend to dig deeper into the issues, looking for that which normally goes unnoticed.

We stand up for the little guy, against the bully and we take action.

We also despise gross injustice when it comes to the system.

We have several veteran criminal investigators with us at TEAM SCANNER who are relentless in their pirsuit of truth and are unbelievable at discovery of lies and half-truths.

You can expect some incredible journalistic and investigatory work to come out of our busy Police & Crime Division headed up by Mariah Brady and Sandy Long.

Another benefit of listening to and following the scanner is Neighborhood Awareness.  We believe it's better to be aware of your surroundings than to be blindsided. A thief, a sexual predator, a child abductor... don't you want to know if those kinds of crimes and criminals are nearby? You have a right to know.

Awareness and Preparedness are keys.

Our police officers are out there fighting crime, and doing things some can't imagine!

We back the blue and encourage you to.

Please remember, intentional or not, NEVER interfere in a crime or accident scene.

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