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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Our 5 Primary Categories (Divisions)

by Brian Hale, Chief Editor Scanner News

(Scottsbluff, Neb) The panhandle of Nebraska has always had a multitude of media choices and we understand that. We know that the Twin Cities does not need another news source, especially one similar to all the rest. With all the many local sources, combined with even more social media sources, we felt the community needed a FILTER.

Our human filters are the key.

Instead of being another news source competing for the press release, the Scotts Bluff County Scanner takes advantage of the numerous news sources to choose from, constantly scanning facebook and filtering out the stuff that does not fit into one of our 5 main categories below.

Once all the junk is filtered, our followers get only the news that applies to these categories.
  1. Police and Crime
  2. Fire and Rescue
  3. Severe Weather
  4. Missing Persons
  5. Public Safety

OK, other than being a filter, how is Scotts Bluff County Scanner different?
  • We not only share pertinent news stories from local and national news sources, but we also generate news on many occasions. 
  • There have been many times that our community of followers makes us aware of potential news events. 
  • Sometimes news develops from listening directly to the scanner. 
  • There are even times when one of our volunteer citizen reporters are able to be on scene before anyone else. 
  • As citizens, we also feel the duty to hold our public officials accountable by being the community watchdog that stands up for the common citizen. 

That's how Scotts Bluff County Scanner is different.

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